GarCo Grills and More offers custom-order Graysen Woods BBQ Islands! These islands have been designed from the ground up to be the best solution for creating the perfect outdoor kitchen. Whether your project is big or small, GarCo Grills and More will help you design an island to your specifications!

Graysen Woods BBQ Islands feature:

  • A fully welded square-aluminum frame that will never warp or rust!
  • Easy assembly - Island components can be carried and installed by two people in under an hour
  • Before island is constructed, we create a detailed drawing of your island with proper clearances for all of your appliances. This ensures that the installation of the island will be quick and easy!
  • BBQ Islands are built to your specifications and needs - That way you can be certain that your BBQ Island will be one-of-a-kind
We offer package deals including island and appliances - Call (888) 652-4550

Why Graysen Woods?

There are many ways to build the outdoor island, firepit or fireplace of your dreams, but none of them can match the Graysen Woods Outdoor system in terms of quality and value.

Manufactuer Graysen Woods Brand A Brand B Brand C Brand D
Construction Material Aluminum Square Tubing Sheet Metal Studs Concrete Blocks Concrete Box
(No Frame)
Treated Lumber
Rust Proof? Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Pest Resistant? Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Moisture Proof? Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Resistant to Warping and Settling? Yes Yes No No No
Internal Frame to Secure Components To? Yes Yes No No Yes
Fully Welded Frame Work? Yes No No No No
Can be built on a Reinforced Wood Deck? Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Finished Interior for Doors/Drawers? Yes Yes No No No
Grill Opening Adjustable for Countertop Thickness? Yes Yes No Yes No
Designed with Your Components in Mind? Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Lifetime Warranty? Yes No No No No

How It Works

With Graysen Woods, you are only three steps away from having the ultimate outdoor living space!

Step 1 - Planning is Everything

You don't go on vacation without planning how to get there or where to stay, you plan it out. The same thing goes for your outdoor room. We start out with your quick sketch and turn it into a detailed CAD plan. You can make changes to the drawing at this stage and once you sign off on it, we start building!

Step 2 - A Strong Foundation

2-3 weeks later (typical construction and shipping time) your Graysen Outdoor components will arrive. Since you have already contacted your installation team (mason, electrician, plumber or your sub-contractor), they are ready to install as soon as it leaves the delivery truck. Simply level and connect all of the components and you are nearly done.

Step 3 - The Finish Line

During this step you can really see your outdoor room coming together. The siding is applied, countertops are cut and appliances are being installed. We suggest getting the guest list put together for your grand unveiling party at this point.

Step 4 - Enjoy!

The title really sums this step up. Gather up your friends and family and enjoy your new backyard oasis!