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PCM Stainless Accessories
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PCM Stainless Steel 18" Vertical Access Door - Reversible (BBQ-260-SV-1420) PCM SS Paper Towel Holder (BBQ-260-PTH) PCM 25" Double Access Door (BBQ-260-AD25) PCM 32" Double Access Door (BBQ-260-AD32)
PCM 13" Narrow Trash Drawer (BBQ-260-TRNW-DRW) PCM 40" Double Access Door (BBQ-260-AD40) PCM 21" Single Door/Single Drawer Combo (BBQ-260-SV24-DR1) PCM 20" Propane Tank/Trash Drawer (BBQ-260-TRLP-DRW)
PCM 21" Drop In Sink with Hot/Cold Faucet (BBQ-260-SINK-21) PCM 20" Double Trash Drawer (BBQ-260-TREC-DRW) PCM 16" Double Access Drawer (BBQ-260-DRW2) PCM 20" Trash Rollout/Single Drawer Combo (BBQ-260-TR-DR1)
PCM 30" x 15" Large Drawer (BBQ-260-DR3015) PCM 30" Double Door/Single Drawer Combo (BBQ-260-AD30-DR1) PCM Stainless Steel 32" Door/Two Drawer Combo REVERSIBLE (BBQ-260-DDC) PCM 16" Triple Access Drawer (BBQ-260-DRW3)
PCM 16" Triple Drawer w/Paper Towel Holder (BBQ-260-DRW3-PTH) PCM Stainless Steel 39" Door/Three Drawer Combo REVERSIBLE (BBQ-260-DDC-39) PCM 18" Drop In Cooler (BBQ-260-18DI) PCM Fully Insulated Slide Out Ice Drawer (BBQ-260-FID)
PCM Stainless Steel 42" Triple Combo Drawers, Trash and Access Door (PCM-260-COMBO42TR) PCM 25" Drop In Cooler (BBQ-260-DI) PCM 25" Slide In Cooler w/Speed Rail (BBQ-260-SI) PCM 32" Sealed Dry Pantry (BBQ-260-DRY-STG)